“Things do not happen at the speed of thought, but should be thought to happen. Dreaming and believing your dream. Herein lies the magic of the universe.”
Augusto Branco

We believe at CSA that offering our customers the best transport solution is our virtue. Therefore we offer the itineraries of our representatives with direct and biweekly connections from the ports of Lisbon, Leixões and Las Palmas to the ports of Praia, Mindelo, Palmeira and Sal Rei.

Upon request, we also offer connections with weekly departures and transshipment to our direct services from Antwerp, Felixstowe, Hamburg and Rotterdam.

The dates given are estimated and may change. Please contact local offices for confirmation.os serviços directos, desde Antwerp, Felixstowe, Hamburg e Roterdão.


Solicitamos ao utilizador, caso assim o entenda, que deverá consultar para os devidos efeitos o site do Grupo ETE de que a presente empresa faz parte.